Bangladesh is the darling child of nature. It is full of natural beauty. Here I’m telling you about different seasons and the best time to visit in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, the South Asian country, located in south-central Asia, bordering India and Myanmar and the Bay of Bengal located to the south. Still now, Bangladesh is an undiscovered paradise featuring many beautiful tourist spots like — World’s longest uninterrupted sea beach at Cox’s Bazar, most of the largest mangrove forest Sundarbans and many more. Bangladesh can a travelers dream as, surrounded by natural beauties, Bangladesh offers everything a traveler needs to visit.

The season of Bangladesh changes six times every year. Every Time you visit will be a unique experience with different views of Bangladesh exploring different areas.

You can travel to Bangladesh anytime but keeping the weather status in your mind. Many of its tourist spots have peak season and off-season that impact hotel rates.


Climate of Bangladesh

Bangladesh’s climate is tropically resulting in a mild winter from the month of October to March, and a hot, humid summer from the month of March to June. The warm and humid monsoon season which lasts from June to October supplies most of the country’s rainfall.

Autumn In Bangladesh

If you’re heading to Bangladesh to visit its beautiful places the best time to visit Bangladesh is to start in December. During this time temperatures remain comfortable 25°C. Between March and May, this time of year is generally considered as the ideal time to visit Bangladesh.

In the dry season, you can experience the best of Bangladesh’s natural beauty. It is the best time to visit Bangladesh during the cold season, from the months of December to March when you can cover most of the spots.



The best time to visit Bangladesh is from December to March. If you want to enjoy the blue sky, floating white clouds over the peak of the hills, and wavy Cox’s Bazar sea beach this would be the best period. During this time Bangladesh passes through Autumn, Late-Autumn, Winter, and Spring.


March to June


The Summer season begins in March and lasts till the beginning of June. It is the best time to visit Bangladesh as in this time climate Bangladesh faces seasonal transition and experiences a cooler and pleasant climate condition. This time temperatures climb over 40°C. The morning shows-pleasant shows and encourages you to start your day to explore. Bangladesh looks beautiful during summer because the blue sea and the green hills represent a perfect beautiful Bangladesh to you.



July to September

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There starts to rain in July. Random rain occurs in many areas in Bangladesh. You can visit Sylhet and any other swamp areas which give you enjoy rainy days in Bangladesh. Visiting Rickshaw on a rainy day will be more lovely to you. There are a lot of things you can enjoy exploring Bangladesh on a rainy day.


October to February


This is the peak season in Bangladesh. This is the winter season. Many visitors and travelers come to Bangladesh. The temperature touches a minimum of 10°C to 29°C. Fog is everywhere in the morning and night. Sometimes it covers all day. It is the best time to visit Cox’s Bazar, the longest sea beach in the world.  You can also visit the hill tracts of Bangladesh in Chittagong.

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There is no specific time frame that is the best time to visit Bangladesh. Whenever whether shows the green light you can visit Bangladesh. You’re guaranteed to have a memorable experience heer. The Cox’s Bazar, Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sylhet, and the old city Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh will give you excellent hospitality. There are available the best hotels in Bangladesh of national and international with maximum facilities a traveler desires.

Go through the reviews online from the travelers, you will find a beautiful Bangladesh to visit with excellent hospitality. And you can enjoy a comfortable stay by exploring the unique natural beauties you can only find them in Bangladesh.