Cox’s Bazar is one of the most visited places in Bangladesh.  Early morning’s dew, glacier night’s marks the arrival of winter which is the best time to travel. Everyone feels comfortable during this season. Weather remains positive. Nature makes the winter so suitable to travel. One can visit this longest sea beach in the world during the winter in order to take a break from their hectic life.

One of the most tourist attractions centers is Cox’s Bazar which is 120 KM long. One can enjoy the natural masterclass by walking barefoot on the sandy beach of Cox’s Bazar. The wave of the blue sea is highly enjoyable. The monotony of life can easily be forgotten in the melody of the wave. Variation of the wave enhances the beauty as it is covered by mountains. Waves are sometimes billowy, and sometimes are quiet with a soft layer of sand.

Explore the sandy beach

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The quiet sea is even more beautiful in the early morning during the sunrise as it can be described as magical beauty. It seems as the sky is leaning on the sea as well as on a sleeping beast. This awesome seashore attracts tourists because of its unbelievable wave at night. Bright moon at night reflects on salty seawater, as it seems like daylight. The wave at night makes a melody on-ear.

The nearest beach of Coxsbazar is Sugonda, Kolatoli and Laboni point. As soon as one can sip on the coffee, they can realize that the sun is setting on the sea. As the depth of the night increases the shades of lights in the market increase as well. Colorful illumination floats in the oyster market. People from all around the world make this market a great success.

Feel the beauty of hill and sea

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Mountain on one side, the sea on the other in Marine drive can be used for long driving during the night as well as in the afternoon. The Beautiful Himchori is located 18 KM away for Coxsbazar through Marine Drive. The blue wave and the tall mountains can easily be seen during driving.

Moheshkhali and Sonadia Island are part of Cox’s Bazar. It is the only Island of the country which was separated due to nature. One of the best Shutki processing areas is 12 KM away by boat which is located in MoheshKhali. Plenty of migratory bird comes to visit this swamp. Adinat Temple is located at the top of MoheshKhali. One can easily be lost in the beauty. Sonadia Island is next to it. The base of natural stunner is Sonadia has an impressive sea beach which is covered by the red crab, various aquatic birds as well as plenty of different sizes of forests.

The only coral Island is Saint Martin which is standing tall in the hearts of the Bay of Bengal. All the way south of Bangladesh’s terrain this area is also known as Narikel (Coconut) Jinjira. Covered with extreme beauty is also one of the favorite tourist spots. It is a place where the infinite blue sky has mixed with the blue water of the sea. An Island which is combined with Snail, Oyster has also partnered with lines of coconut trees. The Secluded beautiful beaches keep its viewers entertained. Standing with plenty of natural surprises is the longest sea beach in the world, keeps its tourists fascinated.

Cox’s Bazar has an area of 2861.86 Square KM which is composed of Matamuhuri, Bakkhali, Reju, Kohalia, and Nafnodi.  It also has all kinds of entertainment which include Horse Riding, Speedboat, Water Bike as well as Surfing. The awesome matchup of Moheshkhali, Kutubdiya, Sonadia, Sahopori Island is highly enjoyable.      All the procedures must be followed before going to the sea. There are a lot of signs which notifies the views when to go to the sea. Green flags indicate that it is safe to go and have bathed. During the low ride, it is risky to go to the sea.  A red flag will be in place which indicates that it is dangerous to go. Spectators are not allowed to go to the sea during this period. Life jackets must be worn to go to the sea in the speedboat. People can go to Cox’s Bazar from Dhaka by train, plane as well as the bus. The train will take tourists to Chittagong from Dhaka and then Bus to destination. There are buses available to Cox’s Bazar from different parts of the country. Own car is also a source of Transportation.

Hotels and Motels in Cox’s Bazar

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